Houston Randonneurs
Legion of Honor

The Houston Randonneurs established its Legion of Honor on January 7, 2012 to honor members and friends who have distinguished themselves by serving the club and long-distance cycling in Southeast Texas. This is the highest honor bestowed by the club.

Each Legionnaire has shown selfless commitment to randonneurs and randonneuring, devoting much time and energy to making our events possible. Each has earned the gratitude of the club members many times over.

Dennis Cook - January 7, 2012


Dennis has set a standard for ride support that few can match. He has driven long miles and stayed out all night many times to make sure that everyone is safe and well-supplied. An accomplished rider himself, he knows how demanding these events can be. Most important, Dennis is a kind and gracious person whose positive outlook in difficult times reminds us why we are here.

Marianna Riggs - January 7, 2012


Marianna could be called the Houston Randonneurs Team Mom. From helping riders with registration to meeting them with food at controls to providing emergency roadside assistance, she does it all. Her consistently upbeat attitude at all hours of the day and night and willingness to take on all kinds of tasks have made her indispensable to the club.

Ann Stiles - January 7, 2012

In addition to hosting brevets and supporting rides, Ann has quietly worked behind the scenes as club treasurer and board member since 2006. A PBP veteran and skilled manager, she uses her cycling and financial experience to contribute to the smooth running of the club.

Kay Ogden - January 5, 2013


The founder of the club, Kay became the original Houston RBA in late 2004. An accomplished rider and PBP ancienne (2003), she did all the hard work involved with setting up routes and attracting new riders. Many of us rode our first brevets under her in 2005. She also set up the first permanent routes in the area. Without a doubt, Houston Randonneurs is what it is because of Kay.

Dan Driscoll January 5, 2013


Legendary RBA of the Lone Star Randonneurs, Dan has worked tirelessly to promote the sport. A four-time PBP finisher, he freely shared his knowledge both in the early years as our club was getting organized and also later as randonneuring has spread across the state. Perhaps most of all, it's hard to imagine one of our rides without the gang of LSR riders his encouragement has brought down.

Daniel Boone Cycles - January 5, 2013 (Joy Boone pictured)

Our sponsor since Day One, Boone's is a truly original shop, supporting our members with discounts and special treatment. Joy Boone is a Houston cycling icon, and manager Donnie makes sure that we can get the equipment we need for our long-distance rides.